South Saskatchewan Regional Plan,
Government of Alberta

The Plan states that “surface materials are an essential component for development and maintenance of infrastructure throughout the region and province.”

Interim Growth Plan,
Calgary Metropolitan Region Board

The interim growth plan contains principles and objectives related to ensuring close to market non-renewable resources are not sterilized. These include principles of promoting the integration and efficient use of regional infrastructure and encouraging efficient growth, strong and sustainable communities.

Municipal Development Plan

The Rocky View County MDP encourages collaboration between RVC and the aggregate industry and encourages mutually agreeable solutions to mitigate impacts (policy 15.2).

Bearspaw Area Structure Plan

The Bearspaw ASP states “areas where there are indications of a high potential for natural resource extraction, should be protected for such purpose within the Plan Area” (policy 8.3.14).

Lehigh is monitoring and actively participating in the Bearspaw ASP review and update to see how it may impact future aggregate operations in RVC. Lehigh believes that the ASP review and update presents an opportunity for RVC to demonstrate a balanced approach to planning for surface land uses and aggregate development in a coordinated and comprehensive way which:

  • Provides a framework to accommodate temporary aggregate extraction and planned surface development for the benefit of RVC and all member municipalities and stakeholders within the Calgary Metropolitan Region;

  • Supports the long term need for aggregate resources to support regional growth while maintaining and articulating the need for a high standard of industry practice;

  • Allows existing and future surface development to co-exist through a performance-based approach whereby aggregate operations identify and implement operational plans and appropriate mitigation measures that allow for resource extraction while mitigating external impacts;

  • Establishes a comprehensive framework and expectation to identify and address potential cumulative effects and corresponding impact mitigation commitments; and,

  • Supports the opportunity for aggregate operations to provide regional, municipal and community benefit through direct financial contributions, taxation revenue, CAPL revenue, OSL revenue and other financial measures that may be derived through application processes and outcomes stemming from comprehensive stakeholder communications and engagement.

Rocky View County Aggregate Resource Plan (Rescinded)

In 2015, Rocky View County initiated a process to develop an Aggregate Resource Plan (ARP) which would address land use management issues related to aggregate operations in the County. Following several years of study and public engagement, the ARP was revoked in April 2019. Going forward, all aggregate projects in RVC will be evaluated by the County on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the County Plan and other applicable statutory documents and regulatory requirements.     

Lehigh is committed to a performance standard-based approach to inform the application  and cumulative impacts management. This approach will govern our proposed extraction and reclamation plan, mitigation measures and monitoring programs.

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